Pengaruh E-Servqual Terhadap Kepercayaan dan Loyalitas Pelanggan PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)

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Anni Yudiastuti
Cornelius Niwadolo


This study aims to examine the effect of the company's quality Api Indonesia (Persero) with trust as an intervening method   of  analysis   using  Partial   Least  Square   (PLS).   The results   showed   a  direct   effect   and  significant   variable   E- Servqual   on  the  Trust   (the   Trust),   where   the   value   of  t statistics for 5205 which is above ± 1.96 (5%). with coefficient of 0,488  positive  path,  can  be  interpreted  that  the  better  E- Servqual,  would  cause  the  Trust  of  consumers  will  also  be higher. Path coefficient values indicate a direct and significant effect  of  the   variable  Trust  on  loyality   with  a  value  of  t statistics for 9,005 which is above ± 1.96 (5%). From the path coefficient value of 0621 (positive), can be interpreted that the higher  the Trust  (Trust)  consumers,  it will lead  to customer loyalty will also be higher.


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Yudiastuti, A., & Niwadolo, C. (2016). Pengaruh E-Servqual Terhadap Kepercayaan dan Loyalitas Pelanggan PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero). Akubis: Jurnal Akuntansi Dan Bisnis, 1(02), 52-59.


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